Home Page for Math 1A03 Calculus I: 2010-11

Textbook:  Calculus: early transcendentals6th edition, J. Stewart, Thomson Brooks/Cole.
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Course objective: The study of differential and integral calculus for functions of one variable. Topics include


Section 1: Dr. D. Haskell, HH316, ext.27244
Course meeting time: TRF 8:30-9:20 in JHE 264 Tutorial F 12:30-13:20 in MDCL 1102
E-mail: haskell@math.mcmaster.ca
Office hours: T 9:30-10:30, R 9:30-11:30

Section 2: Dr. J. Marikova, HH409A, ext 27031
Course meeting time: MR 9:30-10:20, T 10:30-11:20 in ITB 137 Tutorial M 11:30-12:20 in ITB 137
E-mail: marikova@math.mcmaster.ca
Office hours: M 10:30-11:30, R 10:30-12:30

Section 3: Dr. L. Barto, HH409A, ext 27031
Course meeting time: MR 12:30-13:20, T 13:30-14:20 in JHE 264 Tutorial M 16:30-17:20 in JHE264
E--mail: lbarto@math.mcmaster.ca
Office hours: M 13:30-15:30, R 13:30-14:30

Teaching Assistant
Jizhan Hong hongj37@math.mcmaster.ca . Office hours in the Math Help Centre.

Course assessment in brief (consult the  course information sheet  for more detailed information).
Diagnostic tests: 2%
Online homework: 10%
Written homework: 3%
Midterms: 20% each
Final: 45%

Math Help Centre in HH104 M-R 14:30-20:30, F 14:30-18:30. Drop-in for help from TAs, or work on problems with other students.



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