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AIMS Lab Seminar - Robert White - Rogue Waves


HH 403

Speaker: Robert White

Title: Rogue Waves

Abstract: A rogue wave is a sudden and relatively massive wave that appears and then disappears without trace. One can create rogue wave solutions to the focusing non-linear Schrödinger equation (NLSE) on the background of other wave solutions by applying the Darboux Transformation. In order to apply this transformation one requires some key ingredients: a spectrum and eigenfunctions derived from a LAX pair and a periodic solution (background) to the focusing NLSE. The rouge wave will behave like the background that it is built upon as you move further away from the rogue phenomenon. In my talk I will cover the solutions of the NLSE that we constructed rogue waves on , the numerical method used to generate the rogue wave spectrum, display some rogue wave figures, discuss some analytical properties of rogue waves and go over some magnification results.
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