Geometry & Topology Seminar - Jesse Madnick - A Gromov-Type Compactness Theorem in G2 Geometry


HH 312

Speaker: Jesse Madnick (McMaster University)

Title: A Gromov-Type Compactness Theorem in G2 Geometry

Abstract: In the even-dimensional world of symplectic geometry, part of Gromov's Compactness Theorem asserts (roughly) that sequences of holomorphic curves with bounded energy have subsequences that converge to "bubble trees," and both energy and homotopy are preserved in the "bubble tree limit." In the 7-dimensional world of G2 geometry, the analogues of holomorphic curves are called "associative 3-folds." In this talk, we'll describe a G2-geometric analogue of part of Gromov's Compactness Theorem. This is joint work with Da Rong Cheng and Spiro Karigiannis.
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