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Colloquium - Jason Brown - All You Need is Math - Applications of Mathematics to Music


HH 305

Speaker: Jason Brown (Dalhousie University)

Title: All You Need is Math - Applications of Mathematics to Music

Abstract: Music is full of mathematics – from sums of trigonometric sound waves that comprise audio recordings and patterns and transformations in music, to transitions between melody notes, between chords, and between onsets in a rhythmic pattern. A variety of mathematical tools (including calculus, number theory and combinatorics) are available for both musical analysis and generation. In this talk we discuss
• how to enumerate consonant chords,
• why we like certain scales and and rhythms,
• why we are drawn to the repetitive nature of the blues, and
• what statistics and machine learning can say about music authentication.

Coffee and cookies will be served in the lounge (HH 216) at 3:00 pm. Everyone is welcome.
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