AIMS Lab Seminar - Xinyu Zhao - Spatially Quasi-Periodic Traveling Gravity-Capillary Waves


Speaker: Xinyu Zhao (McMaster University)

Title: Spatially Quasi-Periodic Traveling Gravity-Capillary Waves

Abstract: We present a framework to compute and study two-dimensional spatially quasi-periodic gravity-capillary water waves. Specifically, we adopt a conformal mapping formulation of the water wave equation and represent quasi-periodic water waves by periodic functions on a higher-dimensional torus. We will focus on traveling quasi-periodic waves and discuss corresponding numerical results. This is based on joint work with Jon Wilkening.

Date/Time: Monday September 27 2021, 11:30am - 12:20pm

Location: Virtual

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Meeting ID: 925 7896 5537
Passcode: 844696
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