Degrees Awarded - MSc Math

M.Sc. Mathematics Degrees

2021 Andrew Duquette T. Pirvu A Comparison of Numerical Methods for Solving Backwards Stochastic Differential Equations
2021 Daniel Presta B. Bolker/M. Grasselli Sensitivity and Stability: An Investigation of Stock-Flow Consistent Climate-Economic Models
2021 Luka Milic B. Bolker/M. Grasselli Combating Climate Change with Green Central Banking: A Continuous-Time, Stock-Flow Consistent Approach
2021 Genevieve Maalouf D. Haskell Types in Algebraically Closed Valued Fields: A Defining Schema for Definable 1-types
2021 Ian Weih-Wadman G. Wolkowicz Sensitivity to Model Structure in a Stochastic Rosenzweig-MacArthur Model Driven by a Compound Poisson Process
2021 Emma Manninen M. Valeriote An Exploration of Quantum Complexity Classes [Project]
2021 Brinda Venkataramani P. Speissegger Axiom of choice and the partition principle
2021 Aigerim Madiyeva D. Pelinovsly Instability of peaked traveling wave solutions of the b-family of generalized Camassa-Holm equations
2021 Nabil Abed Allah Ali Al Asmer D. Pelinovsly Bargmann transform and its applications to partial differential equations
2021 Julie Jenkins M. Lovric Cognitive Structures of Differential Geometry and their Implications on Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum
2021 Maryam Nowroozi M. Harada Virtual Resolutions of Points in Sufficiently General Position in P^1 × P^1
2020 Emma Holmes M. Grasselli Sensitivity Analysis of a Keen-based Economic Model with Climate [Project]
2020 Jarvis Kennedy M. Harada/A. Van Tuyl An Algebraic Condition for a Complex to be Virtual [Project]
2020 Dicle Mutlu D. Haskell Classification of 1-Types in Valued Differential Fields [Project]
2020 Ashleigh Robson-Petch D. Earn Transitions in Whooping Cough Dynamics in London 1664-1950 [Project]
2020 Elkin Ramirez B. Protas Singularity Formation in the Deterministic and Stochastic Fractional Burgers Equation [Thesis]
2020 Robert White D. Pelinovsky Rogue wave potentials occurring in the sine-Gordon equation [Thesis]
2020 Subhajit Mishra I. Hambleton Whitehead’s Decision Problems for Automorphisms of Free Groups [Thesis]
2019 Jie Chen H. Boden Unknotting operations for classical, virtual and welded knots [Thesis]
2019 Szymon Sobieszek G. Wolkowicz Qualitative analysis of a three-tiered food-web in a chemostat with multiple substrate inflow [Thesis]
2019 Johnson Tan   Rabin’s Theorem [Project]
2019 Micahel Verwer M. Valeriote Bergman’s Condition and varieties with near unanimity terms [Project]
2019 Alexandra Bushby D. Earn Demographic patterns in Medieval London inferred from wills probated in the Court of Husting, 1259-1689 [Thesis]
2019 Jordan Pyke D. Earn Transitions in London Measles Dynamic [Project]
2019 Amandeep Heer S. Feng A Diversity Statistic and Its Probability Density Function [Project]
2019 Mark Baczkowski B. Protas Computational Optimization of Structural and Thermal Compliance Using Gradient-Based Methods [Thesis]
2019 Sarah Abu-Ramadan M. Lovric A Study on the Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom and Barriers to its Implementation in Mathematics [Thesis]
2019 Michael Cox A Van Tuyl
K Vandermeulen
On Condition Numbers of Companion Matrices [Project]
2018 Fletcher Gates D. Stebila Reduction-Respecting Parameters for Lattice-Based Cryptosystems [Thesis]
2018 Roger Zhang D. Earn Intentional infection as a method of population-level disease control [Project]
2018 Fraser Walker M. Graselli Keen model with exogenous shocks [Project]
2018 Alexei Kuzmin D. Earn Package evolvr: analysis of public goods games in finite and infinite populations [Project]
2018 David Faig M. Valeriote De nability of Tree Languages [Project]
2018 Brian Goncalves D. Stebila A Secure Key Encapsulation Mechanisms in Quantum Hybrid Settings [Thesis]
2018 Pritpal Matharu B. Protas Optimal Closures in Hydrodynamic Models [Thesis]
2018 Yurij Salmaniw L. Bronsard Existence and Regularity of Solutions to some Singular Parabolic Systems[Thesis]
2018 Julia Gibson M. Harada Rings of Conditions of Rank 1 Spherical Varieties  [Thesis}
2018 Jesse Han B. Hart Reconstruction results for first-order theories  [Thesis]
2018 Myles Marin M. Lovric Exploring Airplane Boarding: Model Based Approach [Thesis]
2018 Alex Sam J-P. Gabardo Riesz Sequences and Frames of Exponentials associated with non-full rank lattices [Thesis]
2017 Jason Palombaro A. Van Tuyl On the Groebner basis of ideals of finite sets of points in P^1 x P^1 [Project]
2017 Savannah Spilotro G. Wolkowicz A Theoretical Model and Study of Mathematical Anxiety  [Thesis]
2017 Tedra Bolger G. Wolkowicz A Predator-Prey Model in the Chemostat with IvLev Functional Response [Thesis]
2017 Brydon Eastman G. Wolkowicz Sensitivity to Predator Response Functions in the Chemostat [Thesis]
2017 Jin Li D. Pelinovsky On transverse stability of periodic waves in the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation [Thesis]
2017 Sam Budd A. Van Tuyl An Introduction to f-Idealsand their Complements [Project]
2017 Michael Riddell A. Van Tuyl The Zero Forcing Number of Circulant Graphs [Project]
2017 Becky Hooper A. Van Tuyl Shellability of the van der Waerden complex [Project]
2017 Kuan Lin Wu J. P. Gabardo Convexity and Extremality of Frame-associated
Measures supported on the unit sphere SN-1 [Project]
2017 Evan Mitchell B. Bolker Network structures and their effect on a stochastic SIRS model of epilepsy EEG data [Thesis]
2017 Lee van Brussell L. Bronsard On Landau-de Gennes Energy Minimizers Surrounding Generalized Colloid Particles [Thesis]
2017 Craig Kohne M. Harada Computing the intersection of regular Hessenberg varieties with Schubert cells [Thesis]
2017 Sean Conley B. Hart Continuous Model Theory and Finite-Representability Between Banach Spaces [Thesis]
2016 Ramsha Khan N. Kevlahan A Data Assimilation Scheme for the One-dimensional Shallow Water Equations [Thesis]
2016 Vincent Chiu M. Wang A numerical study in cohomogenity one manifolds [Thesis]
2016 Robin Gaudreau H. Boden Combinatorics and Parities of Knotted Objects [Thesis]
2016 Adilbek Kairzhan I. Hambleton Infinite discrete group actions [Thesis]
2016 Madelaine Hill G. Wolkowicz A Predator-Prey Model in the Chemostat with Holling Type II Dynamics [Project]
2016 Zeinab Galal P. Speissegger Quasianalytic Ilyashenko Algebras [Thesis]
2016 Dexter Barrows B. Bolker A Comparative Study of Techniques for Estimation and Inference of Nonlinear Stochastic Time Series [Thesis]
2016 Jamal Kawach P. Speissegger An Almost Everywhere Extension Theorem for Continuous Definable Functions in an O-minimal Structure [Thesis]
2016 Graham Keiper I. Hambleton Torsion Products of Modules Over the Orbit Category [Thesis]
2015 Spencer Hunt J. Dushoff Modelling the Spread of the Human Papillomavirus on the Cervix [Thesis]
2015 Amjad Khan D. Pelinovsky Approximations of lattice dynamics [Thesis]
2015 Taylor Lesnick I. Hambleton Constructibility of the regular n-gon [Project]
2015 Ana Lucic M. Lovric Investigating Psychometric Aspects of Math-Oriented Questions on PISA Tests [Project]
2015 Aditya Maheshwari M. Grasselli An Empirical Study of Goodwin Growth Models [Thesis]
2015 Irena Papst D. Earn Effects of fear on transmission dynamics of infectious diseases [Thesis]
2015 Mohammad Pourbabaee T. Hurd Assortive configuration random graphs [Thesis]
2015 Omar Alejandro Hernandez Romo M. Grasselli Continuous Time Approach of Stock-Flow Consistent Macroeconomic Models [Thesis]
2015 Dora Rosati D. Earn Song Popularity as a Contagious Process in Great Britain [Thesis]
2014 Michelle deJonge D. Earn Fast estimation of time-varying transmission rates for infectious diseases [Thesis]
2014 Chris Gatopoulos H. Boden Braid Group Cryptography [Project]
2014 Joshua Lockridge M. Kolster On Solvable Polynomials and their Galois Groups [Project] 
2014 Peter Sinclair D. Haskell P-minimal structures [Thesis]
2013 Bilal Abassi W. Craig Solutions of the Wave Equation in the Robertson- Walker Space-time [Project]
2013 Maria Campanella M. Valeriote Preserving Near Unanimity Terms Under Direct  Products [Project]
2013 Amanda
W. Craig The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Equation and Its  Connection to the Boussinesq Equation [Project]
2013 Alex Chisholm G. Wolkowicz Antibiotic Resistance in Biofilm and Eradication Strategies [Project]
2013 Ben Goodman S. Alama Investigation of the Two-Component Ginzburg-Landau  Functional [Project]
2013 Ashan James G. Wolkowicz Coexistence of Two Serotypes of Dengue Virus With and  Without Seasonal Variation [Project]
2013 Homayun Karimi H. Boden Some results on the slice-ribbon conjecture
2013 Katsiaryna Niakhai B. Protas Shape Optimization of Elliptic PDE Problems on Complex Domains [Thesis]
2013 Vivek Thampi B. Bolker  Backwards Bifurcations in Models Within Host Hepatitis [Project]
2013 Lindsay White I. Hambleton  Finite Simple Groups (of Rank 2) in Geometry and  Topology [Project]
2013 Cong Zhou M. Wang On Complete Non-compact Ricci-flat Cohomogeneity One Manifolds [Thesis]
2012  Mostafa Abdi D. Pelinovsky Study of Vortices in Two-Dimensional Harmonic Potentials [Project]
2012  Matthew Betti D. Pelinovsky Traveling periodic waves in dimer granular chains [Thesis]
2012  Lauren Dedieu A. Rosa λ - Harmonious Graph Colouring [Project]
2012  Adela Gherga M. Kolster Brauer-Kuroda Relations for Higher Class Numbers [Thesis]
2012  William Gollinger I. Hambleton Inertia Groups of Smooth 7-Manifolds [Thesis]
2012  Sophia Halassy M. Lovric Modelling of Nerve Impulses [Project]
2012  Karsten Hempel D. Earn A Century of Transitions in New York's Measles Dynamics [Thesis]
2012  Chris Henry H. Boden The (Nested) Word Problem: Formal Languages, Geometric Group Theory and Languages of Nested Words [Thesis]
2012  Arash Islami C. Mok Elliptic Curves and Elliptic Potentials [Project]
2012  Zuzanna Masarova A. Rosa Reaction Graphs for Some Complete Graph Decompositions [Project]
2012  Sahar Melaibari M. Lovric Mathematics Far From Home: International Graduate Students Struggle to Succeed in Canadian Universities [Thesis]
2012  Angelica Mendaglio M. Lovric Educational Strategies in Ontario and Finland [Project]
2012  Umdu Ozlem M. Kolster Monstrous Moonshine [Project]
2012  Dimitry Ponomarev D. Pelinovsky Justification on a Nonlinear Schrodinger Model for Polymers [Thesis]
2012  Roqayia Shalabi   Coursework
2012  Abdel-Aziz Shehata W. Craig The Application of the Hasimoto Transform to Vortex Motion [Project]
2012  Eyup Yalcinkaya I. Hambleton Equivariant Principal Bundles over the 2-Sphere [Thesis]
2011  Sacha Breton I. Hambleton Finite Group Actions on the Four-Dimensional Sphere [Thesis]
2011  Ryan Day   Coursework
2011  Andrew Lovric M. Lovric Learning Math in Transition [Project]
2011  Matthew Luther I. Hambleton Coarse Geometry and Homology Theories [Thesis]
2011  Xuan Meng T. Pirvu Optimal Portfolios Selection Under Value-at-Risk [Project]
2011  Michael Parchimowicz H. Boden From Classical to Unwelded – an Examination of Four Knot Classes [Thesis]
2011  Xiaohui Peng B. Protas Optimal Geometry in a Simple Model of Two Dimensional Heat Transfer [Thesis]
2011  Robert Pupo M. Min-Oo Random Matrix Theory and Its Ramifications [Project]
2011  Blake Rasmussen B. Hart Set Theory [Project]
2011  Juan Senisterra G. Wolkowicz Population Dynamics [Project]
2011  Chi Zhang S. Alama Calculus of Variations [Project]
2010  Diego Ayala B. Protas Maximum Enstrophy Growth in Burgers Equation [Thesis]
2010  Diana-Marie Batista L. Bronsard Minimizers for Singularly Perturbed Bi-Stable Potentials in Multiply-Connected Domains [Project]
2010  Christopher
A. Nicas Triangles in the Heisenberg Group [Thesis]
2010  Erin Clements   Coursework
2010  Silan Emin   Coursework
2010  Mohammad
N. Kevlahan Controlling the dual cascade of two-dimensional turbulence [Thesis]
2010  Jason Haradyn M. Wang Invariant Einstein Metrics and Ricci Curvature on the Exceptional Aloff-Wallach Spaces [Project]
2010  Caroline Junkins M. Kolster The Analogue of the Gauss Problem for Motivic Cohomology Groups [Thesis]
2010  Shannon Kennedy M. Lovric First Year Calculus: The Student Experience [Thesis]
2010  Yang Li T. Pirvu Optimal Mean-Variance Portfolios [Project]
2010  Stephen Murray N. Kevlahan The Effect of Strong Sub-Alfvenic Turbulence on Current Sheet Structure [Project]
2010 Amir Razavi   Coursework
2010  Youzhou Zhou S. Feng The limits of certain probability distributions associated with Wright-Fisher model [Thesis]
2009  Nima Anvari I. Hambleton Automorphisms of Riemann Surfaces [Thesis]
2009  Sharareh Badbanchi   Coursework
2009  Darren Gray M. Kolster The generalized Coates-Sinnott Conjecture for some families of cubic extensions of number fields [Thesis]
2009  Jizhan Hong   Coursework
2009  Caitlin McGarry M. Valeriote k-Fold Systems of Projections and Congruence Modularity [Thesis]
2009  Aarti Motala T. Hurd Option Pricing With the Fast Fourier Transform When Correlation is Stochastic: Application to Currency Options [Project]
2009  Anto Sakovich D. Pelinovsky Well-Posedness of Nonlinear Wave Equations in Characteristic Coordinates [Thesis]
2009  Jennifer Young D. Earn Factors Affecting Population Dynamics of the Invasive Round Goby [Thesis]
2008  Ahmed Abdelrazac D. Pelinovsky Adomain Decomposition Method: Convergence Analysis and Numerical Approximations [Thesis]
2008  Andrijana Burazin M. Lovric Calculating Geodesics on Surfaces [Project]
2008  Voicu Chis T. Terlaky An Open Source Object Oriented Platform for Rapid Design of High-Performance Path Following Interior-Point Methods [Thesis]
2008  Gina Chung   Coursework
2008  Xiaoye Fu J. Gabardo [Project]
2008  Qi Gao S. Alama Ginzburg-Landau Models With A Fixed-Degree Boundary Condition [Project]
2008  Daniel Hambleton A. Nicas Aspects of Mesh Theory [Thesis]
2008  Amber Holdsworth N. Kevlahan Wavelet Analysis of Time Series and Its Application to Epidemiological Data [Thesis]
2008  Patrick Keenan M. Min-Oo Volumes of Balls in Grassmann Manifolds with Applications to Coding Theory [Project]
2008  Ilona Kowalik M. Min-Oo The Bethe Ansatz for Gaudin Spin Chains [Thesis]
2008  Jennifer Nissen   Coursework
2008  Martin Van Hoof M. Harada Toric Geometry, Polytopes, and Hirzebruch Surfaces [Project]
2008  Geoff Williams M. Valeriote Some Results On The Subalgebra Intersection Property Arising From Polin Algebras [Thesis]
2008  Liliana Zara   Coursework
2007  Dezhong Chen   Coursework
2007  Wangshan Lu A. Nicas Some Fibred Knots With Orderable Knot Group. [Project]
2007  Mengmeng Ma   Coursework
2007  Dafna Nitzan   Coursework
2007  Sean O'Hagan M. Min-Oo Uniform Sampling Methods for Various Compact Spaces [Project]
2007  William Sajko T. Hurd Interest Rate and Credit Default Swaps with Credit Migrations and Counterparty Risk [Thesis]
2007  Feng Su   Coursework
2007  Stefanie Theuerkauf   Coursework
2007  Zhouwei Zhou   Coursework
2006  Elena
2006  Adam
L. Bronsard Some Nice Results about Anisotropic Mean Curvature Flow [Thesis]
2006  Tara Davis R. Sharifi Computations in Galois Cohomology and Hecke Algebras [Thesis]
2006  George-Catalin
H. Boden Orbifolds of nonpositive curvature and their loop space [Thesis]
2006  Marcella Fiorini M. Lovric A Study of the Transition of High School to University Calculus at McMaster University. [Thesis]
2006  Kimia Ghobadi T. Terlaky
N. Nedialkov
A Heat Transfer Optimization Problem [Thesis]
2006  Omneia Ismail M. Grasselli Valuing Employee Stock Options [Project]
2006  Olga Krylova   Coursework
2006  David Lorne H. Boden A Survey of the Jones and Kauffman Polynomials and the Khovanov Cohomology of Knots [Project]
2006  Kirill Mayorov   Coursework
2006  Di Miao   Coursework
2006  Katherine Northcott G. Wolkowicz Modelling Disease in the Chemostat [Thesis]
2006  John Repsys   Coursework
2006  Lingling Wang M. Grasselli Malliavin Calculus and its Application in Finance [Project]
2005  Dmitri Agueev D. Pelinovsky Modeling of low-contrast photonic crystals with coupled-mode equations [Thesis]
2005  Mehmet Akinlar J. Gabardo Alternate duals of Gabor subspace frames [Thesis]
2005  Maria Betcheva T. Hurd Conditional Value at Risk as a Criteriion for Optinal Portfolio Selection [Project]
2005  E. Mirela Cara A. Tourin Computing the Effective Hamiltonian in the Majda-Souganidis Model [Thesis]
2005  Jordan Elijah Collins G. Moore A History of the Theory of Types with Special Reference to Developments after the Second Edition of Principia Mathematica [Thesis]
2005  Praphat Xavier
A. Nicas Dihomotopy and Concurrent Computing [Thesis]
2005  Jonah Horowitz   Coursework
2005  Ami Maria Mamolo M. Wang Exploring Spacetime & Singularities [Project]
2005  John Alexander
T. Hurd The Impact of a Mean-Reverting Stochastic Differential Equation on Optimal Portfolio Allocation [Thesis]
2005  Laurel Miller-Sims   Coursework
2005  Shah Noor B. Protas Feedback Control of Instabilities in Hydrodynamic Systems [Thesis]
2005  Simona Carmen
2005  Bradley Graham
2005  Chuang Yi M. Grasselli Credit Risk: From Theory to Application [Project]
2005  Rui Zhang D. Earn Cyclic Dynamics caused by the Antigenic Drift [Project]
2004  Anthony DiSilvestro M. Min-Oo Inconsistency & Interest Rate Model Risk [Thesis]
2004  Guihong Fan G. Wolkowicz Analysis of a Model of Self-cycling Fermentation with Inhibitory Response Function [Thesis]
2004  Piotr Jagiello M. Min-Oo Spectra of Conformally Compact, Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds [Thesis]
2004  Qiuping Lu P. Guan The Minkowski Problem for p-Sums [Thesis]
2004  Stephen Stoyan  T. Terlaky Variable Rate Selective Excitation RF Pulse in MRI [Thesis]
2004  Taewon Yang B. Banaschewski Rings of Integer-Valued Continuous Functions in Pointfree Topology [Thesis]
2003  Qun Li P. Guan Minkowski Problem and Some Related Problems [Thesis]
2003  Jeff Mesaric S. Alama Vortices In A Rotating Superfluid [Project]
2003  Richard Smeltzer H. Boden Linear Representations of Braid Groups [Thesis]
2003  Clayton Webster D. Pelinovsky Numerical Modelling of Waveguide Interface [Project]
2003  Guoren Zhang S. Feng Pricing Digital Options [Project]
2002  Kee Cheung K. Ip M. Kolster Congruences for Dedekind Zeta-Functions [Thesis]
2002  Tao Li T. Hurd Some Analytic and Numerical Results for Pricing Defaultable Bonds [Thesis]
2002  Symeon Scoufaris   Coursework
2002  Somasundaran
S. Alama Effect of Diffusion on Lotka-Volterra Systems [Thesis]
2002  Xuping Zhang T. Hurd Value at Risk for Non-Linear Portfolios with Non-Normal Financial Returns [Thesis]
2001  Mark Stinner M. Kolster Pell's Equation and Integers of the form X^2 + 32 Y^2 [Thesis]
2000  Ross A.W. Griffiths M. Kolster Multi-Quadratic Extensions of Q with Trivial 2-primary Hilbert Kernel [Thesis]
2000  Don Hender L. Bronsard Phase Separation for the One-Dimensial Cahn-Hilliard Equation: Theory and Computations [Thesis]
2000  Rosa E. Manzo T. Hurd Option Pricing with a Discontinuous Asset Price Process [Thesis]
2000  Marty Turingia   Coursework
2000  David Williams M. Wang Construction of Closed Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces [Thesis]
1999  Andras Asztalos A. S. Dancer A Treatise on the Seiberg-Witten Equations [Thesis]
1999  Jason Lucier I. Hambleton On the Structure of Certain Skew Group Rings [Thesis]
1999  Christopher Sandford M. Kolster A Product Formula for Detecting 4-Torsion in K_2 of Quadratic Number Rings [Thesis]
1998  Lani Haque A. S. Dancer Bianchi IX Einstein Metrics [Thesis]
1998  Stephen Newbigging M. Min-Oo Linking Invariants of Flows on Oriented 3-Manifolds [Thesis]
1998  Donna I.M. Stewart G. Moore The Influence of Klein's Erlangen Program [Thesis]
1997  Christopher Brady M. Min-Oo
M. Lovric
Convergence of the Kalman Filter [Thesis]
1997  Peter Eldergil A. Rosa Decompositions of the Complete Graph with an even Number of Vertices [Thesis]
1997  Douglas Henderson V. Snaith Special Values of L-functions and Higher K-groups [Thesis]
1997  Dale Radin   Coursework
1997  Robert Reynoldson M. Kolster Odd Torsion in the Tame Kernel and Galois Extensions of Number Fields [Thesis]
1997  Yotka S. Rickard A. Peirce An Efficient Wavelet-Based Solution for Electromagnetic Field Problems [Thesis]
1997  Karl Sampara   Coursework
1996  Peter Kupchak B. Banaschewski Neural Networks as Nonparametric Regression Tools * [Project]
1996  Robert Smith E. Sawyer Regularity of and Estimates for the Degenerate Monge-Ampere Equations [Thesis]
1995  Mark Bryant M. Min-Oo Monodromy of the Spherical Pendulum [Thesis]
1995  Adrian L. Lee H.P. Heinig The Hausdorff-Young and Paley Titchmarsh Inequalities in Orlicz Spaces [Thesis]
1995  Carmen Young I. Hambleton Normal Invariants of Lens Spaces [Thesis]
1994  Samual J. Maltby   Coursework
1994  Eithne Murray M. Kolster Calculations of Values of Zeta-Functions of Number Fields [Thesis]
1993  Aaron Childs   Coursework
1993  Eric Derbez   Coursework
1993  Robert Nikola
J.M. Chadam Zoning in Rocks as a Hopf Bifurcation [Thesis]
1993  Gavin Stuttard B. Hart The Rationality of the Poincare Series for P-Adic Subanalytic Sets [Thesis]
1992  Spiro Daoussis G. Wolkowicz Predator Mediated Competition:Predator Feeding on Two Different Trophic Levels [Thesis]
1992  John C.M. Doma A. Rosa Unicyclic Graceful Graphs [Thesis]
1992  Jonathan Miles
T. Davison The Cocycle Equation [Thesis]
1992  Michael W. Pfau E. Sawyer Besicovitch Covering Lemma [Thesis]
1992  Davide Sabatini A. Peirce Three Cases of the Reflection Coefficient Problem Solved Using the Methods Of Asymptomatics Beyond All Orders [Thesis]
1992  Zsuzsanna Szaniszlo A. Rosa k-Equitable Labellings of Cycles and some other Graphs [Thesis]
1992  Albert Tyson J.M. Chadam Reactive Flow in Porous Media: Non-Steady State Diffusion [Thesis]
1991  Cynthia R Boulanger G. Wolkowicz Testing for Seropositivity of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus [Thesis]
1991  Wenjiang Fu G. Wolkowicz Analysis of a Mathematical Model of a Three-Species Foodweb [Thesis]
1990  Toan Tran   Coursework
1990  Deidre Wilson J.M. Chadam Reactive Flow in Porous Media: Dissolution and Reprecipitation [Thesis]
1990  Qiang Zhu A. Peirce  
J.M. Chadam
Theoretical and Numerical Study of Shape Stabilities of Free Boundaries in Planar Caucchy-Stefan Problems [Thesis]
1989  Mary Margaret
G. Wolkowicz Exploitative Competition in the Chemostat for Two Perfectly Substitutable Resources [Thesis]
1989  Yannis Papageorgiou   Coursework
1989  Mohammad Shafique J.M. Chadam Numerical Analysis of the Existence and Stability of Spherical Crystals Growing in a Supersaturated Solution [Thesis]
1989  Peter A. Shaw   Coursework
1989  John A. Toth   Coursework
1989  Philip M. Wylie   Coursework
1988  Genevieve Boulet E. Sawyer Estimating Eigenvalues of Sturm-Liouville Problems [Thesis]
1988  John Harding G. Bruns Varieties of Ortholattices Containing the Orthomodular Lattices [Thesis]
1988  Paul A. Stephenson G. Bruns Some Equations Valid in Hilbert Space [Thesis]
1987  Jean Corriveau A. Rosa Enumeration of Balanced Tournament Designs [Thesis]
1987  Charles Roth G. Bruns A Set of Equations for D_{16} [Thesis]
1986  Susan F. Milner B. Banaschewski Distributive Lattices in Localic Topos [Thesis]
1985  Ying-Lan Zhang   Coursework
1984  Darryl Mark Lane   Coursework
1983  Haniya Kakakhail   Coursework
1983  Abdul Latif   Coursework
1983  Gordon J. Sinnamon   Coursework
1982  Donald A. Callfas   Coursework
1982  B. Conneely   Coursework
1982  James A. Hayden   Coursework
1982  Monica A. Oravas   Coursework
1982  Shanti Patnaik   Coursework
1982  Michael Roddy G. Bruns An Extension of Greechie's Atomistic Loop Lemma [Thesis]
1982  Lesley B. Thomson   Coursework
1981  John S. Giles C. Bennett Holder's Inequality in Spaces of Measurable Functions [Thesis]
1980  James D. P.
C. Bennett The Hilbert Transform [Thesis]
1980  J. Darrell Mcphail   Coursework
1979  Kiran Bhutani   Coursework
1979  Chung Je Cho A. Rosa A Study in Steiner Quadruple Systems [Thesis]
1979  Mark E. Ennett   Coursework
1979  Yvon Pitre   Coursework
1979  Maria Torres   Coursework
1977  Dennis George
I. Hambleton Classification of Certain 6-Manifolds [Thesis]
1977  Susana Rubin
H.L. Jackson Energy in Potential Theory [Thesis]
1977  Donna Cocks   Coursework
1977  David Poole   Coursework
1977  Nagwa A. Sherif Z. Kovarik Angles Between Subspaces and Application to Perturbation Theory [Thesis]
1977  David M. Walmsley H.L. Jackson The Marcel Reisz Kernel and a Green Kernel for a Half Space [Thesis]
1976  Robert Bismuth T. Davison Rational Formal Group Laws [Thesis]
1976  Marino P. Cascianni N. Lane Quasigraphs in N-Dimensional Manifolds [Thesis]
1976  Ruth Hershler T. Choe A Study in Ordered Topological Spaces [Thesis]
1976  James Arnold Arthur Laxton N. Lane Ordered Non-Desarguesian Affine Hjelmslev Planes [Thesis]
1976  J. Pekaruk   Coursework
1976  Marcus Robertson H. Heinig Interpolation of Linear Operators on Orlicz and BMO Function Spaces [Thesis]
1976  Linda Ann Thomas N. Lane Ordered Desarguesian Affine Hjelmslev Planes [Thesis]
1976  John Albert Tiller B. Banaschewski Component Subcategories [Thesis]
1975  Henry Essert   Coursework
1975  Walid Kassem   Coursework
1975  Carol Kitai B. Banaschewski Strongly Homogenous Spaces [Thesis]
1974  Catharine Anne
N. Lane Affine Hjelmslev and Generalized Affine Hjelmslev Planes [Thesis]
1974  James Christie   Coursework
1974  Carolyn Fyon M. Tiku ???? [Thesis]
1974  Richard Macleod   Coursework
1974  Lothar Redlin   Coursework
1974  John Royle   Coursework
1974  Lee-Man Tang J. Stewart Symmetrically Positive Definite Functions [Thesis]
1974  David Vaughan H. Heinig Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Functions [Thesis]
1974  Mary Patricia Verney B. Banaschewski Atomic Compactness in Quasi-Primitive Classes of Structure [Thesis]
1974  Saleem Watson   Coursework
1973  Mohammed Azam   Coursework
1973  Kan Pui Chin   Coursework
1973  David Albert Graham Farnell G. Bruns Elementary Applications of the Ultrapower Functor [Thesis]
1973  Douglas Russel
B. Mueller Kothe Rings [Thesis]
1973  George Leibold   Coursework
1973  Roderick N.S
B. Mueller Topological Groups, Fields and Rings [Thesis]
1973  Eric Mackay   Coursework
1973  Ronald Warren
B. Mueller Extension of the Schmidt-Azumaya Theorem [Thesis]
1973  Ottavio Savagnano   Coursework
1973  Peter Kwok Wa To B. Mueller QF 1 Rings [Thesis]
1973  Richard Volden   Coursework
1972  Melvin Joseph Adler B. Banaschewski Remarks on Functors Adjoint on the Right [Thesis]
1972  Victor Barwell   Coursework
1972  Arthur Bicknell   Coursework
1972  Peter Joong   Coursework
1972  S.M. Khaleelulla   Coursework
1972  Sang Shin Lee   Coursework
1972  Siu Man Lee H.P. Heinig Certain Extensions of the Riesz-Thorin Interpolation Theorem [Thesis]
1972  Wayne Michael   Coursework
1972  Robert Douglas
D.Wood Restricted Parallelism and Regular Grammars [Thesis]
1972  Richard E. Sot R. Lintz Local and Strong Local Paracompactness [Thesis]
1972  O. Steciw   Coursework
1972  P.M. Thomas   Coursework
1972  Richard Wood T. Davison M Sets and Automata [Thesis]
1971  Tibor Bisztriczky N. Lane Directly Differentiable Arcs [Thesis]
1971  Mary Deutsch   Coursework
1971  Kenneth Hilson   Coursework
1971  Charlotte Hsiao Tet Huang A. Rosa On the Non-Existence of Certain Cyclic Block Designs [Thesis]
1971  R.K. Jain A. Rosa On Cyclic Steiner Quadruple Systems [Thesis]
1971  Harry Levi
T. Davison Continued Fractions and Newton's Algorithm [Thesis]
1971  Keith Dunbar Mclean T. Davison The Integral Closure of Cubic Extension [Thesis]
1971  Cheryl Robinson   Coursework
1971  Philip Murray
B. Mueller Change of Rings Theorems [Thesis]
1971  J.M. Singh M. Behara Metrization of Sets of Sub-o-Algebras and their Conditional Entropies [Thesis]
1971  Shaukat Ali Warsi T. Hurd Positive Definite Functions for the Class Lp (G) [Thesis]
1970  Peter Neil Brewster T. Choe Injective and Projective Topological Lattices [Thesis]
1970  Dale Stephen
T. Davison Abelian Monoids [Thesis]
1970  Biswanath Datta J. Csima  Diagonal Representaion of the Doubly Stochastic Limit [Thesis]
1970  Robert Eccles   Coursework
1970  Kenneth Mcdowell   Coursework
1970  Wilfred Allen Ward   The Decomposition of Matrices [Thesis]
1969  Pavol Hell G.O. Sabidussi Ramsey Numbers [Thesis]
1969  Christopher Robert Howlett B. Banaschewski Triples Ð A Universal Algebraic Approach [Thesis]
1969  Jaroslav Nesetril G. Sabidussi The Structure of Asymmetric Graphs [Thesis]
1968  R. Alan Day G. Bruns On Modula Equational Classes [Thesis]
1968  James Stanley Drake   Coursework
1968  James C. Hutchinson   Coursework
1968  Joseph Wilson
1968  Shu-bun Ng T. Husain On the Existence of Non-Zero Linear Continuous Functionals on Frechet Spaces [Thesis]
1967  Frank Bozel   Coursework
1967  John Girhiny G. Bruns Lattice of Topologies [Thesis]
1967  Gary Roy Spoar   Coursework
1966  Hans Ralph Bastel S. Charmonman The Eigenvalue Problem of Two Types of Compound Matrices [Thesis]
1966  Barry Ward Fawcett   Coursework
1966  Meera Gupta N. Lane Arcs of Cyclic Order Three in the Conformal Plane [Thesis]
1966  Paul Douglas Haines H.L. Jackson On the Generalized Dirichlet Problem [Thesis]
1966  Kee-Beng Lee   Coursework
1966  Evelyn M. Nelson G. Bruns A Finiteness Criterion for Partially Ordered Semigroups and its Applications to Universal Algebra [Thesis]
1965  Donald Eugene
1965  James Arthur
1965  Chia-Shiang Lin   Coursework
1965  Claire Wallace Zeller G. Bruns Free Lattices and Their Sublattices [Thesis]
1964  Frank Ebos D.J. Kenworthy The Numerical Solution Of Differential Equations by Third and Fourth order Runge-Kutta Methods [Thesis]
1963  Hoshang Pesotan
B. Banaschewski Boolean Lattices, Rings and the Equivalence of Categories [Thesis]
1963  John Williford
G. Bruns An Introduction to the (Meta-) Theory of Structures [Thesis]
1963  Joseph Stephen
B. Banaschewski Extensions of Topological Spaces [Thesis]
1962  Joanne Mary
B. Banaschewski Representation of Finite Groups [Thesis]
1962  Siegfried Leopold
D.B. Sumner On Integral Equations of the First Kind and Various Methods of Solution [Thesis]
1961  Rosemary Grace
B. Banaschewski  Lattice Theory and the Theory of Semi-Simple Modules and Rings [Thesis]

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