Pat C.-Y. Yip
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Emeritus Professor
(905) 525 9140 ext. 27034

Research Area: Applied Mathematics

Research Profile:  Transforms, Digital Signal Processing
My major research interests are in the area of transforms and transform algorithms in digital signal processing. Also of interest to me are the applications of non-linear dynamical systems to the problems of multi-user communications.

Digital signal processing is a wide field of research, in which analysis and synthesis of digital signals are studied, with the final purpose of improving communications and data transmissions. The use of transforms represents a very important tool in this field. Signals in the time or spatial domain are transformed, analyzed, modified, and reconstructed. By this process, noise may be reduced, signals from different users may be better separated and targets may be more accurately identified. The proper algorithms provide speedy numerical implementations of these transforms, and make real time applications possible.

Non-linear dynamical systems are finding numerous applications in the fields of signal processing and communications. In particular, deterministic chaotic systems promise to bring new and exciting ideas to these areas. Many of these are currently being explored with my colleagues in the Communications Research Laboratory.

Applied Mathematics

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