Adam Van Tuyl
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On research leave July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Research Area:  Algebra

Research Interests: My research area is commutative algebra and its connection to other areas like combinatorics and algebraic geometry. I am interested in homological invariants, edge ideals, simplicial complexes, sets of points in (multi)-projective spaces, toric ideals, symbolic powers of ideals, and combinatorial matrix theory

Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and algebraic combinatorics

Math 2R03
Math 701

Math 1B03
Math 2R03

Math 1B03
Math 3GR3
Math 3H03

Math 1B03
Math 2R03
Math 3GR3
Math 4ET3

Math 1B03
Math 3GR3
Math 702

Math 1B03
Math 1XX3
Math 3U03
Math 4P06

Math 1XX3
Math 3V03
Math 702

For a current list of all publications, please see

Currently Supervising:
Büşra Atar (MSc Math)
Kieran Bhaskara (MSc Math)
Adrian Cook (MSc Math)
Graham Keiper (PhD Math)
Craig Kohne (PhD Math)
Runyue Wang (MSc Math)

Past Students: 
Jason Palombaro (MSc Math)

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