Shui Feng
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Professor and Associate Chair (Statistics)
HH 211
(905) 525 9140 ext. 24723
(905) 522-0935

Research Area: Probability & Statistics

Research Profile: Stochastic processes, interacting particle systems
My research interests are in nonlinear stochastic model, large deviation, hydrodynamic limit and stochastic models in genetics. Some concrete problems are the long-time behaviour, the phase structure and metastability of the corresponding system. The method used comes from probability theory, stochastic processes and stochastic analysis.

Stochastic processes, interacting particle systems

Stats 4D03/6D03 Stats 752

Stats 2D03
Stats 3U03
Stats 752

Stats 2D03
Stats 4D03/6D03

Stats 2D03
Stats 3U03

On sabbatical leave

Currently Supervising:
Jiang Qiwei (MSc Stats)
Rui Zhu (Visiting Student)

Past Students:
Youzhou Zhou (PhD)
Mu He (MSc Stats)
Benedict MinOo (MSc Stats)

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