R. Viveros-Aguilera
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Emeritus Professor
HH 212
(905) 525 9140 ext. 23425
(905) 522-0935

Research Area: Probability & Statistics

Research Profile: Statistical Inference, reliability, Industrial Statistics, Quality Control

An area of industrial research that has motivated many practical and theoretical statistical procedures is the study of the reliability of products and processes. One of my interests is the development of statistical methods to model and analyze reliability data. Another aspect focuses on the modeling and analysis of discrete data. Specifically, I have studied models and methods for the estimation of population size with application to animal abundance, the use of adaptive rules in clinical trials, and the study of correlated Bernoulli trials.

Currently, I am working on quality control methods, specifically of the multivariate type. Here I study methods to monitor processes where the number of quality indicators varies from small to quite large. In the latter case, dimension-reduction techniques such as principal components are first used, followed by control charts on leading components. The methods have been applied to the monitoring of product profiles.

Statistical inference, reliability, discrete modeling

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Selected Publications

Viveros, R & Sprott, DA (1987). “Allowance for Skewness in Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Application to the Location-Scale Model,” The Canadian Journal of Statistics 15, pp. 349-361.

Viveros, R (1991). “Combining Series System Data to Estimate Component Characteristics,” Technometrics 33, pp. 13-23.

Burnham, AJ, Viveros, R & MacGregor, JF (1996). “Frameworks for Latent Variable Multivariate Regression,” Journal of Chemometrics 10, pp. 31-45.

Burnham, AJ, MacGregor, JF & Viveros, R (2001). “Interpretation of Regression Coefficients Under a Latent Variable Regression Model,” Journal of Chemometrics 15, pp. 265-284.

Simeone, R, Holland, L & Viveros, R (2003). “Estimating the Size of an Illicit-Drug-Using Population,” Statistics in Medicine 22, pp. 2969-2993.

Huh, I, Viveros, R & Balakrishnan, N (2013). “Differential Smoothing in the Bivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Chart,” Journal of Quality Technology 10(4), pp. 377-393.

Currently Supervising:
Li Rouyuan (MSc Stats)

Past Supervising:
Atinder Bharaj (MSc Stats)
Eman M. Alamer (MSc Stats)
Maria Reyes (MSc Stats)

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