Pratheepa Jeganathan
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Assistant Professor
HH 212
(905) 525 9140 ext. 23425
(905) 522-0935

Reserach Area: Statistics and data mining

Research Profile: Statistics and data mining

Dr. Jeganathan’s research focuses on developing statistical and computational methods to analyze multi-domain data, especially addressing statistical challenges in microbiome multi-omic and spatial multi-omic data analysis. Current research includes multi-table integration, preprocessing and transformation of high-throughput sequencing data, visualization, hierarchical modeling, Bayesian statistics, statistical inference, block bootstrap method, data mining, and approximation theory in statistics.

Multi-omic data analysis, hierarchical models, computational statistics, Bayesian statistics.

Stats 3DS3
Stats 780

Stats 3DS3 

Publications available on Google Scholar profile.

Currently Supervising:
Gheeda Mourtada (Undergraduate, NSERC USRA, May - August 2021)
Ka Yat Liu (Undergradaute, James Stewart Student Research Award, May - August 2021)

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