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Research Area: Geometry & Topology

Research Profile: Topology and geometry
Topology and geometry Geometry is the study of shapes and spaces. Most people are aware of the standard objects of Euclidean geometry: lines, circles, polygons, and of familiar notions such as angles, parallel lines, and congruent figures. In its modern form geometry has a much wider scope, reaching into higher dimensions and encompassing a broad range of current ideas. The subject of Topology is concerned with those features of geometry which remain unchanged after twisting, stretching or other deformations of a geometrical space. It includes such problems as colouring maps, distinguishing knots, classifying surfaces and their higher dimensional analogs. The influence of topology is also important in other mathematical disciplines such as dynamical systems, algebraic geometry (the study of polynomial equations in many variables) and certain aspects of analysis and combinatorics.

My research in recent years has focused on the study of the topology of manifolds and cell complexes by means of algebraic K-theory, pseudoisotopy theory, gauge theory, and representation theory.

Geometry & Topology

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Current: Lindsay White (PhD Math)

Past: Chris Cappadocia (PhD Math)

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