Deirdre Haskell
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Professor and Associate Chair (Undergraduate)
HH 316
(905) 525 9140 ext. 27244
(905) 522-0935

Research Area: Mathematical Logic

Research Profile: Model theoretic algebra 
I am interested in applying the techniques of model theory, which studies algebraic structures in a very general setting, to the examination of particular algebraic structures, especially valued fields.

Mathematical Logic, Model theoretic algebra

Math 1C03
Math 4L03
Math 4GR3/6GR3

Math 1C03
Math 4LT3
Math 712

ArtSci 1D06
Math 4W03

On Research Leave

ArtSci 1D06
Math 4P06

Math 1C03
Math 3TP3

Math 1A03
Math 1ZA3

Currently Supervising:
Aaron Crighton (PhD Math)
Genevieve Maalouf (MSc Math)
Dicle Mutlu (MSc Math)

Past Students:
Jizhan Hong (PhD Math)
Laurel Miller-Sims (PhD Math) 
Peter Sinclair (PhD Math)
Hosein Taghinejad (PhD Math)

NSERC USRA Students:
Kaitlyn Chubb
Andrew Duquette
Matthew Jordan 
Max Lazar-Kurz
Nigel Pynn-Coates

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