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Research Area: Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology

Research Profile: Epidemiology, Ecology, Evolutionary Game Theory
Biological systems involve intricate interactions on many spatial and temporal scales. Mathematical models often make it possible to identify mechanisms behind complex biological processes and to predict the outcomes of environmental changes. My current research can be classified according to the time scale over which biological changes occur. Short time scales: Population dynamics of ecological and epidemiological systems. This work, which has implications for conservation of endangered species and eradication of infectious diseases, makes use of modern bifurcation theory. Analytical investigations of discrete maps and differential equations are usually supplemented by extensive numerical studies. Long time scales: Evolutionary dynamics of behavioural traits. This work, which is mainly based on game theoretical analysis, clarifies the adaptive significance of animal behaviour, ranging from cooperation and parental care to foraging and cannabilism.

Epidemiology, ecology, evolutionary game theory

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