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Research Area: Probability & Statistics

Research Profile: Computational statistics
My research focuses on the applied uses of computationally intensive methods in statistics. One area in which computaional power is particularly useful is in the use of Monte Carlo approximations which can replace intractable calculations or asymptotic argeuments. The use of these methods, however, require reliable software and good diagnostics for when there may be problems with the underling assumptions. In my doctoral work I examined diagnostics for Markov chain Monte Carlo methods which are particularly important in Bayesian statistics. Since then I have worked on the bootstrap and other resampling methods. A suite of functions that I have developed to implement many of these methods is used worldwide. These functions allow for the application of resampling methods in many fields. Much remains to be done, however. I am currently working on applied graphical diagnostics for bootstrap failure. I am also examining new areas of application for these methods and improvements on existing methods. My latest area of research is in Monte Carlo implementations of the EM algorithm for likelihood inference when more standard methods cannot be used.

Computational statistics

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Stats 3A03 Fall, 2013
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Currently Supervising:
Kishore Akula (MSc Stats)
Joanne Francis (MSc Stats)

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