Bartosz Protas
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Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate) and Director of School of Computational Science and Engineering
HH 326
(905) 525 9140 ext. 24116
(905) 522-0935

Research Area: Applied Mathematics, Fluids & Turbulence

Research Profile: Applied Mathematics, Fluids & Turbluence

Applied Mathematics, Fluids & Turbluence I am an applied mathematician interested primarily in problems combining the theoretical and computational fluid dynamics with the theory of optimization and control. In addition, I also have a broad interest in applied mathematics and scientific computing. My research is a blend of fundamental investigations in core problems of hydrodynamics and more applied studies relevant for industrial fluid mechanics. I focus on the use of advanced mathematical methods to develop efficient computational algorithms and models useful for studying problems in fluid mechanics. My administrative responsibilities include directing McMaster's School of Computational Science and Engineering.

Applied mathematics, fluids & turbulence

Math 3Q03
Math 4P06
Math 745

Math 3Q3

Math 2ZZ3
Math 745

Math 2ZZ3

Publications available here.

Currently Supervising:
A., Sethurajan Krishnaswamy (PhD CSE)
Pritpal Matharu (MSc Math)

Past Students:
Diego Ayala (PhD)
Sethurajan Krishnaswamy (MSc)

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