Ben Bolker
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Professor, Director of School of Computational Science and Engineering and Acting Associate Chair (Graduate)
HH 314
(905) 525 9140 ext. 23320
(905) 522-0935

Research Area: Mathematical Biology

Research Profile: Mathematical Biology.
I work on a wide variety of problems in theoretical ecology and evolution. Mathematical interests: the use of "moment equations" (equations for the mean, variance, and second-order spatial statistics such as spatial correlation) to understand the qualitative dynamics of biological communities (e.g. hosts and parasites, competing plant species)interacting in continuous spatial arenas. Biological interests: host/parasite interactions, broadly defined to include any "intimate association" among natural enemies and their victims: viruses, bacteria, and classical macroparasites. I work on the general dynamics of infectious disease epidemics, and particularly on the evolution of virulence. Statistical interests: fitting of parameters for ecological and evolutionary models, especially in a maximum likelihood settings. My recent work has focused on improvement and dissemination of tools for fitting generalized linear mixed models.

Epidemiology, ecology, applied statistics, Mixed models, environmental science

Stats 744

Math 4MB3/6MB3

Math 1MP3
Stats 744

Stats 4C03/6C03

Math 3MB3

Math 1MP3
Math 4P06

Math 1MP3
Stats 744

Math 1MP3
Math 4MB3/6MB3

Stats 4C03/6C03 

Currently Supervising:
Michael Agronah (PhD CSE) 
Olena Skalianska (MSc CSE)
Martin Stelmach (MSc CSE)
Kala Studens (MSc Stats)

Past Students:
Dexter Barrows (MSc Math)
Ahsan Batti (MSc Stats)
Keya Biswas (MSc Stats)
Michael Li ( MSc Stats)
Michael Richards (MSc Stats)

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