Ben Bolker
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Professor and Director of School of Computational Science and Engineering
HH 314
(905) 525 9140 ext. 23320
(905) 522-0935

Research Area: Mathematical Biology

Research Profile: Mathematical Biology.
I work on a wide variety of problems in theoretical ecology and evolution. Mathematical interests: the use of "moment equations" (equations for the mean, variance, and second-order spatial statistics such as spatial correlation) to understand the qualitative dynamics of biological communities (e.g. hosts and parasites, competing plant species)interacting in continuous spatial arenas. Biological interests: host/parasite interactions, broadly defined to include any "intimate association" among natural enemies and their victims: viruses, bacteria, and classical macroparasites. I work on the general dynamics of infectious disease epidemics, and particularly on the evolution of virulence. Statistical interests: fitting of parameters for ecological and evolutionary models, especially in a maximum likelihood settings. My recent work has focused on improvement and dissemination of tools for fitting generalized linear mixed models.

Epidemiology, ecology, applied statistics, Mixed models, environmental science

Math 4MB3/6MB3

Math 1MP3
Stats 744

Stats 4C03/6C03

Math 3MB3

Math 1MP3
Math 4P06

Math 1MP3
Stats 744

Math 1MP3
Math 4MB3/6MB3

Stats 4C03/6C03 

Currently Supervising:
Michael Agronah (PhD CSE) 
Olena Skalianska (MSc CSE)
Martin Stelmach (MSc CSE)
Kala Studens (MSc Stats)

Past Students:
Dexter Barrows (MSc Math)
Ahsan Batti (MSc Stats)
Keya Biswas (MSc Stats)
Michael Li ( MSc Stats)
Michael Richards (MSc Stats)

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