Hans U. Boden
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Research Area: Geometry & Topology

Research Profile: Gauge theory and low-dimensional topology.
My research concerns the topology and geometry of character varieties and moduli spaces of flat connections, and applications to invariants of knots, links, and 3-manifolds.

Gauge theory, knots and 3-manifolds

H. U. Boden, M. Chrisman, and R. Gaudreau, Signature and concordance of virtual knots, 2017 preprint, ArXiv math.GT/1708.08090.pdf

H. U. Boden and A. J. Nicas, Virtual and welded periods of classical knots, to appear in Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics (2018)

H. U. Boden, A. Nicas, and L. White, Alexander invariants of virtual knots, Dissertationes Mathematicae,530 (2018), 1–59 doi.org/10.4064/dm785-3-2018

H. U. Boden, M. Chrisman, and R. Gaudreau, Virtual knot cobordism and bounding the slice genus, Experimental Mathematics, published online Feb 02, 2018, doi.org/10.1080/10586458.2017.1422160

H. U. Boden and M. Nagel, Concordance group of virtual knots, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 145(2017) 5451–5461

H. U. Boden, R. Gaudreau, E. Harper,A. J. Nicas, and L. White, Virtual knot groups and almost classical knots, Fundamenta Mathematicae 138 (2017) 101–142

H. U. Bodenand C. M. Herald, The SU(N) Casson-Lin invariant of the Hopf links, Pacific Journal of Mathematics 285 (2016) 283–288

H. U. Boden and E. Harper, The SU(N) Casson-Lin invariant for links, Pacific Journal of Mathematics 285 (2016) 257–282

H. U. Boden and C. Curtis, The SL(2,C) Casson invariant for knots and the A^-polynomial, Canadian Journal of Mathematics 68(2016) 3–23

H. U. Boden and A. I. Gaudreau, Bridge numbers for virtual knots, Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications 24 (2) (2015) ID:1550008, 15 pp.

H. U. Boden, E. Dies, A. I. Gaudreau, A. Gerlings, E. Harper and A. J. Nicas, Alexander invariants for virtual and welded knots, Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications 24 (3) (2015) ID:1550009, 62 pp.

Additional publications and preprints available here

Currently Supervising:
Jie Chen (MSc Math)

Past Students:
Homayun Karimi PhD (2018)
Lindsay White PhD (2016)
Robin Gaudreau MSc (2016)
Chris Gatopoulos MSc (2014)
Homayun Karimi MSc (2013)
Chris Henry MSc (2012)
Michael Parhimowicz MSc (2011)
George Dragomir PhD (2011)

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