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Theory and Methods

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Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 1, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions and Applications

A Note on the Kurtosis Ordering of the Generalized Secant Hyperbolic Distribution ... 1
I. Klein and M. Fischer*


Estimating Probability Distributions by Observing Betting Practices ... 8
C. Lynch* and D. Barry

Exact Tests in Panel Data Using Generalized P-Values ... 18
H.B. Zhao*

An Exact Test for U-Shaped Alternatives of Location Parameters: The Exponential Distribution Case ... 37
A. Abebe and P. Singh*

Test of Homogeneity for Some Population Models Based on Counting Processes ... 46
R. Fierro*

Linear Models and Regression Analysis

On Sum Decompositions of Weighted Least-Squares Estimators for the Partitioned Linear Model ... 55
Y. Tian* and Y. Takane

The Research on Two Kinds of Restricted Biased Estimators Based on Mean Squared Error Matrix ... 70
H. Yang and Z. Chunmei*

Categorical Data Analysis

Likelihood Ratio Test Against Stochastic Order in Three Way Contingency Tables ... 81
Y. Feng* and J. Wang

Multivariate Analysis

Asymptotic Expansions for the Distributions of Maximum and Sum of Quasi-Independent Hotelling's T2 Statistics Under Nonnormality ... 97
Y. Kakizawa*

Predictive Influence of Variables in a Multivariate Distribution in Presence of Perfect Multicollinearity ... 121
Md. N. M. Mollah* and S. K. Bhattacharjee

A Note on Sufficient Conditions for Valid Unmodified $t$ Testing in Correlation Analysis with Autocorrelated and Heteroscedastic Sample Data ... 137
P. Dutilleul*

Quality Control

Attribute Control Chart for Multivariate Poisson Distribution ... 146
J-E. Chiu* and T-I. Kuo

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 2, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions and Applications

New Measures of Central Tendency and Variability of Continuous Distributions ... 159
Z. Fabian*

Asymptotic Tail Properties of Student's t-Distribution ... 175
H. Finner*, T. Dickhaus and M. Roters


Some Applications of the Rao Distance to Shrinkage Estimators ... 180
M. H. J. Gruber*

Saddlepoint Approximation for the Distribution of the Modified Signed Root of Likelihood Ratio Statistics Near the Mean ... 194
J. Zhang* and J.E. Kolassa

Confidence Intervals for Linear Function of Variance Components in Two-Fold Nested Random Effects Model ... 204
X. Li*

Regression Analysis

Poisson Regression and the Case-Crossover Design: Similarities and Differences ... 213
W. Navidi*

Bayesian Inference of the Regression Model with Error Terms Following the Exponential Power Distribution and Unbiasedness of the LAD Estimator ... 221
H. Tsurumi* and H. Shimizu

Inverse Regression in Binary Response LDV Model ... 233
J. Ma*, X. Xu and J. Zhao

Shrinkage Estimators of Intercept Parameters of Two Simple Regression Models with Suspected Equal Slopes ... 247
S. Khan*

Improved Score Tests in Symmetric Linear Regression Models ... 261
M. A. Uribe-Opazo, S. L. P. Ferrari* and G. M. Cordeiro

Survival Analysis

Fitting a Semi-Parametric Mixture Model for Competing Risks in Survival Data ... 277
G. Escarela* and R. Bowater

Nonparametric Estimation of Multiplicative Counting Process Intensity Functions with an Application to the Beijing SARS Epidemic ... 294
F. Chen*, R. M. Huggins, K. F. Lam and P. S. F. Yip

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 3, 2008

*Corresponding author


Confidence Bounds for Positive Ratios of Normal Random Variables ... 307
D.M. Ennis*, J.M. Ennis, J. Palen and R.E. Lampe

On Robust and Efficient Estimation of the Center of Symmetry ... 318
H.D. Bondell*

A Note on Support Vector Density Estimation for the Deconvolution Problem ... 328
S. Lee* and R.L. Taylor

Search of Good Rotation Patterns to Improve the Precision of Estimates at Current Occasion ... 337
G.N. Singh* and K. Priyanka

Regression Analysis

Multivariate Linear Regression Model with Elliptically Contoured Distributed Errors and Monotone Missing Dependent Variables ... 349
A. Batsidis and K. Zografos*

Wavelets for Nonparametric Stochastic Regression with Mixing Stochastic Process ... 373
H. Doosti*, M. Afshari and H.A. Niroumand

A Remark on the Paper ``A Note On Directional Dependence in Regression Setting" By Engin A. Sungur ... 386
M.V. Muddapur*

Bayesian Inference in Generalized Error and Generalized Student-t Regression Models ... 388
E.G. Tsionas*

Times Series Analysis

Time Series Modeling of Degradation Due to Outdoor Weathering ... 408
V. Chan* and W. Q. Meeker

On the Monitoring of Autocorrelated Linear Profiles ... 425
R. Noorossana, A. Amiri* and P. Soleimani

Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Model Validity

Smooth Goodness-of-Fit Specification Tests Under the Lagrange Multiplier Principle ... 443
S. Byoun*

Bringing Closure to the Plotting Position Controversy ... 460
L. Makkonen*

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 4, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions and Applications

On a Generalization of Bivariate Cauchy Distribution ... 469
A. Jamalizadeh* and N. Balakrishnan

Ordered Data Analysis

A Note on Regression of Order Statistics ... 475
M.K. Sadegh*

Shannon Information Properties of the Endpoints of Record Coverage ... 481
J. Ahmadi* and M. Fashandi

Regression Analysis

Phi-Divergence Test Statistics for Testing Linear Hypothesis in Logistic Regression Models ... 494
M.L. Menndez, J.A. Pardo and L. Pardo*

The Mean Squared Error Optimum Design Criterion for Parameter Estimation in Nonlinear Regression Models ... 508
T. Daimon*

Randomized Fixed Design Regression Under Long-Range Dependent Errors ... 520
A. Bryk and J. Mielniczuk*

Ridge Regression Estimation for Survey Samples ... 532
M. Park* and M. Yang

Developing Ridge Parameters for SUR Model ... 544
M.A. Alkhamisi and G. Shukur*

Time Series Analysis

Testing a Unit Root Based on Aggregate Time Series ... 565
P. Teles*, W.W.S. Wei and E.M. Hodgess

Statistical Properties of Model-Based Signal Extraction Diagnostic Tests ... 591
T. McElroy*

Survival Analysis

Identifying Nonproportional Covariates in the Cox Model ... 617
D. Kraus*


Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 5, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions and Applications

Preservation of Some Aging Properties and Stochastic Orders by Weighted Distributions ... 627
N. Mishra, N. Gupta* and I.D. Dhariyal

The Generalized Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution and It's Theory, Methodology and Application ... 645
A. Sanhueza, V. Leiva* and N. Balakrishnan

Moment Information for Probability Distributions, Without Solving the Moment problem. II: Where is the Mode? ... 671
P.N. Gavriliadis*

Ordered Data Analysis

Fisher Information in Type II Progressive Censored Samples ... 682
Z.A. Abo-Eleneen*

Estimation of P(X>Y) Using Record Values in the One and Two Parameter Exponential Distributions ... 692
A. Baklizi*


A Non-Randomized, NonConservative Version of the Fisher-Exact Test ... 699
E.A. Van der Meulen*

Minimax Asymptotic Mean-Squared-Error of L-Estimators of Scale Parameter ... 709
D. Szatmari-Voicu*

Change Point Estimation with Independence Observations and Piece-wise Continuous Variance Function ... 722
M. Last*

A Note of Wavelet Variance ... 737
X. Du*

Categorical Data Analysis

Highly Efficient Designs for Logistic Models with Categorical Variables ... 746
F. Tekle*, F. Tan and M. Berger

Chance Corrected Measures of Reliability and Validity in 2 2 Tables ... 760
A. Martin Andres* and P. Femia-Marzo

Regression Analysis and Linear Models

A New Approach to Least Median of Squares and Regression Through the Origin ... 773
Y. Kayhan* and S. Gunay

On the Expressions of Estimability in Testing General Linear Hypotheses ... 782
J. Hu* and S. Shi

Time Series Analysis

Bayesian Identification of Multivariate Autoregressive Processes ... 791
S.M. Shaarawy* and S.S. Ali

Statistics in Genetics

Interval Mapping for Quantitative Trait Loci Detection in Finite Mixture Models with General Kernel Functions ... 803
X. Wu, H. Chen* and Y. Liu

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 6, 2008

*Corresponding author


Parameter Estimation for the Discrete Stable Family ... 815
L. Barabesi*, M. Marcheselli and A. Baccini

Monitoring Field Variability Using Confidence Interval for Coefficient of Variation ... 831
G. Taye and P. Njuho*

Sample Size and Power Calculations for Left-Truncated Normal Distribution ... 847
S. Ren*, H. Chu and S. Lai

Kshirsagar Type Lower Bounds for Mean Squared Error of Prediction ... 861
M. Qin and T.K. Nayak*

Corrected Estimators in Extended Quasi-likelihood Models ... 873
G.M. Cordeiro* and C.G.B. Demtrio

Smoothed Extreme Value Estimators of Non-Uniform Point Processes Boundaries with Application to Star-Shaped Supports Estimation ... 881
S. Girard* and L. Menneteau

Ordered Data Analysis

Unbiased Estimation of P(X > Y) For Exponential Populations Using Order Statistics With Application in Ranked Set Sampling ... 898
S. Sengupta* and S. Mukhuti

Regression Analysis

Assessing Ordinal Logistic Regression Models Via Nonparametric Smoothing ... 917
K-C. Lin* and Y-J. Chen

Linear Models

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Linear Models for Longitudinal Data with Inequality Constraints ... 931
J. Xu* and J. Wang

Reference Priors for Matrix-Variate Dynamic Linear Models ... 947
K. Triantafyllopoulos*

Time Series Analysis

Smoothing Time Series with Local Polynomial Regression on Time ... 959
J. Ledolter*

Multivariate Analysis

Multivariate Exponential Power Distributions as Mixtures of Normal Distribution with Bayesian Applications ... 972
M.A. Gmez-Villegas* E. Gmez-Snchez-Manzano and J. Marin

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor ... 986
H. Gmez*, F. J. Torres and H. Bolfarine

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 7, 2008

*Corresponding author

Ordered Data Analysis

Characterizations by Power Contractions of Order Statistics ... 987
J. Navarro*


A Note on the Poisson Likelihood Ratio Test Statistics for Kulldorff's Scan Methods ... 998
S. Fraker*, W. Woodall and H. Burkom

A New Generalized p-Value and Its Upper Bound for ANOVA Under Unequal Error Variances ... 1002
L. Xu* and S. Wang

Parameter Estimation of Self-Similar Spatial Covariogram Models ... 1011
M.P. Fras, M.D. Ruiz-Medina*, F.J. Alonso and J.M. Angulo

Bayesian Inference

Empirical Bayes and Hierarchical Bayes Estimation of Skew Normal Populations ... 1024
N.K. Bansal*, M. Maadooliat and X. Wang

Sampling Theory

A Family of Estimators of Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information in Stratified Sampling ... 1038
H.P. Singh and G.K. Vishwakarma*

Regression Analysis

Asymptotic Expansion in Reduced Rank Regression Under Normality and Nonnormality ... 1051
H. Ogasawara*

Linear Models

Multiple Cases Deletion Diagnostics for Linear Mixed Models ... 1071
T. Zewotir*

Ranking and Selection Methodology

Curtailment Procedure for Selecting Among Bernoulli Populations ... 1085
E.M. Buzaianu* and P. Chen

Statistical Process Control

Identifying Variables Contributing to Outliers in Phase 1 ... 1103
R.L. Mason*, Y-M Chou and J.C. Young

Reliability Analysis

On the Mean Past and the Mean Residual Life Under Double Monitoring ... 1119
M.H. Poursaeed and A. R. Nematollahi*

Mean Past and Mean Residual Life Functions of a Parallel System with Non Identical Components ... 1134
M. Khanjari Sadegh*

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 8, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions and Applications

Gamma Mixture Bimodality, Inflexions and L-Moments ... 1147
E. Ahmed, M.N. Goria and A. Hussein*

Ordered Data Analysis

Single and Product Moments of Generalized Order Statistics from Linear Exponential Distribution ... 1162
A. El-Baset A. Ahmad


Explicit Formula for Constructing Binomial Confidence Interval with Guaranteed Coverage Probability ... 1173
X. Chen*, K. Zhou and J.L. Aravena

ε-admissible Estimators for Normal and Poisson Means ... 1181
Y-P. Chang, W-T. Huang* and H. Wang

How Often Likelihood Ratios are Misleading in Sequential Trials ... 1193
J.D. Blume*

Martingale Type Statistics Applied to Change Points Detection ... 1207
A. Vexler*

Linear Models

Generalized Inference for a Class of Linear Models Under Heteroscedasticity ... 1225
S. Xiong*, W. Mu and X. Xu

Log-linear Modeling Under Generalized Inverse Sampling Scheme ... 1237
S. Lahiri* and S.K. Dhar

Design of Experiments

Some Properties of Semifolding Designs ... 1245
P-H. Huang*, P-H. Liau, C-S. Liau and C-T. Lee

Optimal Fractional Factorial Plans Using Finite Porjective Geometry ... 1258
M.L. Aggarwal*, L-Y. Deng and M.D. Mazumder

Time Series Analysis

Fractionally Integrated Separable Spatial Autoregressive (FISSAR) Model and Some of It's Properties ... 1266
M. Shitan*

Semiparametric Density Estimation for Time Series with Multiplicative Adjustment ... 1274
K. Wang* and L. Lin

Survival Analysis

Adaptive Estimation of Hazard Rate with Censored Data ... 1284
E. Brunel and F. Comte*

Applied Probability

On Discrete Time Semi-Markov Chains and Applications in Words Occurrences ... 1306
O. Chryssaphinou, M. Karaliopoulou and N. Limnios*

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 9, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions and Applications

A Generalization of the Half-Normal Distribution with Applications to Lifetime Data ... 1323
K. Cooray and M.M.A. Ananda*

Dependence Structure of a Class of Symmetric Distributions ... 1338
J. Yao and T. Hu*

Ordered Data Analysis

On A Characterization of Generalized Pareto Distribution Based on Generalized Order Statistics ... 1347
M. Tavangar and M. Asadi*

Estimating for Pareto Model Using General Progressive Censored Data and Asymmetric Loss ... 1353
A.A. Soliman*


Sufficient Conditions for the Existence of a Solution for the Log-Likelihood Equations in the Three-Parameter Gamma Distribution ... 1371
G. Tzavelas*

Existence of Optimal Weighted Least Squares Estimate for 3-parametric Exponential Model ... 1383
F. Dubeau* and Y. Mir

Penalty for Ill-Posed Inverse Problems ... 1399
J.M. Loubes*

Bayesian Modeling and Inference

Bayesian Model Selection: Measuring the Chi2 Discrepancy ... 1412
J. De la Horra

Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Fitting Automobile Claim Frequency Data ... 1425
E. Gmez-Dniz*, J.M. Sarabia, J.M. Prez-Snchez and F.J. Vzquez-Polo

Regression Analysis

A Useful Matrix Decomposition and it's Statistical Applications in Linear Regression ... 1436
J. Isotalo*, S. Puntanen and G.P.H. Styan

Reliability and Survival Analysis

Relationship Between the Cox, Lehmann, Weibull and Accelerated Lifetime Models ... 1458
Q. Yu*, R. Chappell, Y. Hsu, G. Wong and M. Mazur

Measures and Characteristics

On Central Tendency and Dispersion Measures for Intervals and Hypercubes ... 1471
M. Chavent* and J. Saracco

Processes and Applications

Some Theoretical Properties of the Geometric and α-series Processes ... 1483
W.J. Braun, W. Li and Y.Q. Zhao

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 10, 2008

*Corresponding author

Probability Theory

Weak Hlder Convergence of Smoothed Uniform Quantile Process ... 1497
H. Djamel*

Ordered Data Analysis

Estimation of The Parameters of Type-I Generalized Logistic Distribution Using Order Statistics ... 1506
N.V. Sreekumar and P. Yageen Thomas*

Nonparametric Confidence Intervals and Tolerance Limits Based on Minima and Maxima ... 1525
M. Razmkhah, J. Ahmadi* and B. Khatib

On the Max-Domain of Attraction of Type III Elliptical Triangular Arrays ... 1543
E. Hashorva*


Empirical Likelihood Confidence Region for the Parameter in a Partially Linear Errors-In-Variables Model ... 1552
G. Li* and L. Xue

Optimum Mixture Design Using Deficiency Criterion ... 1565
M. Pal* and N. Mandal

Regression Analysis

The Significance Level of Meta-Regression's Standard Hypothesis Test ... 1576
D. Jackson*

Time Series Analysis

Local Estimation in AR Models with Nonparametric ARCH Errors ... 1591
F. Zhu* and D. Wang

Multivariate Analysis

Approximations of the Distributions of Test Statistics for Homogeneity of a Product Multinomial Model ... 1610
N. Taneichi* and Y. Sekiya

Hypothesis Tests for Covariance Analysis Models for Circular Data ... 1632
R. Artes*


Quasi-likelihood Approach to Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Analysis ... 1641
C. Xie*, R.S. Singh, A.F. Desmond, X. Lu and E. Ormsby

Reliability Analysis

Two-Sided M-Bayesian Credible Limits Method of Reliability Parameters and Its Applications ... 1659
M. Han*

Quality Control

Phase I Monitoring of Polynomial Profiles ... 1671
R. B. Kazemzadeh, R. Noorossana and A. Amiri*

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 11, 2008

Special Issue on Statistics in the Technological Age

Guest Editors

Ramesh Gupta, University of Maine, USA
S.H. Ong, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur


*Corresponding author

PREFACE ... 1687

Calibration Intervals in Linear Regression Models ... 1688
K.H. Ng* and A.H. Pooi

Identification of Multiple Outliers in Logistic Regression ... 1697
A.H.M. Rahmatullah Imon* and A.S. Hadi

Partial Ordering and Aging Properties of Order Statistics when the Sample Size is Random: A Brief Review ... 1710
A.K. Nanda and M. Shaked*

Duality of the Multivariate Distributions of Marshall-Olkin Type and Tail Dependence ... 1721
H. Li*

Modeling Multilevel Survival Data using Frailty Models ... 1734
S. Kim and D.K. Dey*

Multivariate Process Variability Monitoring ... 1742
M.A. Djauhari*, M. Mashuri and D.E. Herwindati

On Some α-modified Binomial and Poisson Distributions and Their Applications ... 1755
S. Chakraborty*

Age-period-cumulative-environment Model for Analyzing (Age, Period)-tabulated Data on Breast Cancer Deaths ... 1770
N. Hanayama*

A Likelihood Integrated Method for Change Point Problem with Directional Data ... 1783
A. SenGupta* and A.K. Laha

On Mean Square Prediction Error Estimation in Small Area Estimation Problems ... 1792
S. Chen* and P. Lahiri

Derivation of Kurtosis and Option Pricing Formulas for Popular Volatility Models with Applications in Finance ... 1799
A. Thavaneswaran*, S. Peiris and J. Singh

Estimation of Median in Two Phase Sampling using Two Auxiliary Variables ... 1815
S. Gupta*, J. Shabbir and S. Ahmad


Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 12, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions, Models and Applications

A Property of Count Distributions in the Hinde-Demtrio Family ... 1823
C. Kokonendji*

The Generalized Waring Process and Its Application ... 1835
E. Xekalaki* and M. Zografi


Expected Power for the False Discovery Rate with Independence ... 1855
D.H. Glueck*, K.E. Muller, A. Karimpour-Fard and L. Hunter

The Information Geometric Structure of Generalized Empirical Likelihood Estimators ... 1867
T. Nishimura and F. Komaki*

Inference on Overlap in Two Gaussian Populations: Equal Means Case ... 1880
Y.P. Chaubey*, D. Sen and S.N. Mishra

Nonparametric Inference

A Nonparametric Test for Interval-Censored Failure Time Data With Unequal Censoring ... 1895
C. Zhu, K.C. Yuen, J. Sun* and X. Zhao

Linear Models and Analysis

Testing Serial Correlation in Partial Linear Errors-in-Variables Models Based on Empirical Likelihood ... 1905
F. Liu, G. Chen and M. Chen*

Multivariate Analysis

Developing a Wide Easy-to-Generate Class of Bivariate Copulas ... 1919
N. Izady* and H. Mahlooji

Screening for Multiple Target Detection ...1930
W. Cai* and P.Chen

Goodness-of-fit Tests

A Powerful Method of Assessing the Fit of the Lognormal Distribution ... 1948
S. Meintanis*

Quality Control

A Hypothesis Testing Procedure on Assessing Process Performance for Asymmetric Tolerances ... 1959
C-W. Wu* and Y.C. Chang

Applications to Bioinformatics

Spatial Matching of Multiple Configurations of Points with a Bioinformatics Application ... 1977
J. Marin* and C. Nieto

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 13, 2008

*Corresponding author

Ordered Data Analysis

On Families of Distributions for Which Optimal Bounds on Expectations of GOS can be Derived ... 1997
M. Bieniek*


An Applications of EM Algorithmic for a Change Point Problem ... 2010
N. Bansal*, H. Du and G. Hamedani

A New Formula for Inclusion Probabilities in Median Ranked Set Sampling ... 2022
Y.A. Ozdemir* and F. Gokpinar

Bayesian Inference

Bayesian Confidence Interval for the Difference of Two Proportions in the Matched-Paired Design ... 2034
L. Shi* and P. Bai

Empirical Bayes Estimation of Reliability in a Positive Exponential Family ... 2052
T. Liang*

Bayesian Spatial Modeling of Housing Prices Subject to a Localized Externality ... 2066
V. De Oliveira* and M. Ecker

Bayesian Inference and Forecasting in Dynamic Neural Networks with Fully Markov Switching Arch Noises ... 2079
R. Paroli* and L. Spezia

Design of Experiments

Nearly Uniform Designs for Mixture Experiments ... 2095
P. Prescott*

Multivariate Analysis

A Measure of Multivariate Kurtosis with Principal Components ... 2116
Y. Maruyama*

Clinical Trials

Inference on the Minimum Effective Dose Using Binary Data ...2124
J. Chen*

Quality Control

A Multivariate Synthetic Control Chart for Monitoring Processes Mean Vector ... 2136
V. Shute* and D. Shirke

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 14, 2008

*Corresponding author

Distributions and Applications

A Proposal for a New Bound for Discrete Distributions ... 2149
H. Gzyl, P.L. Novi Inverardi* and A. Tagliani

Probabilistic Applications of the Sclomilch Transformation ... 2162
R. Baker*

The Distribution of Sums of I.I.D. Pareto Random Variables with Arbitrary Shape Parameter ... 2177
C. Ramsay*

Ordered Data Analysis

Random Contraction and Random Dilation of Generalized Order Statistics ... 2185
E. Beutner* and U. Kamps

Posterior Regret Gamma Minimax Estimation and Prediction with Applications on K-Records data Under Entropy Loss Function ... 2202
A. Parsian* and M. Jafari Jozani


Testing the Difference of Two Binomial Proportions: Comparison of Continuity Corrections for Saddlepoint Approximation ... 2213
L. Xu* and J. Kolassa

Bias Correction in Generalized Nonlinear Models with Dispersion Covariates ... 2219
G.M. Cordeiro* and M.C.Toyama Odo

Sampling Theory

Estimators for the Population Mean in the Case of Missing Data ... 2226
C. Kadilar* and H. Cingi

Regression and Linear Models

MDL Mean Function Selection in Semiparametric Kernel Regression Models ... 2237
J. De Gooijer* and A. Yuan

Penalized Spline Estimation for Varying-Coefficient Models ... 2249
Y. Lu*, R. Zhang and L. Zhu

Time Series Analysis

Asymptotic Distributions of Innovation Density Estimators in Linear Processes ... 2262
Z. Lin, X-M. Shen* and C-y. Zhang

Multivariate Analysis

An Extended Projection Data Depth and It's Applications to Discrimination ... 2276
X. Cui*

Generalized Inferences on the Common Mean in MANOVA Models ... 2291
R-D. Ye* and W. Song-Gui

Survival Analysis

Interlitter Response Variability in a Threshold Dose-response Model ... 2304
D. Hunt* and S. Rai


Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 15, 2008

*Corresponding author


A New Approach to the Estimation of Inter-Variable Correlation ... 2315
M. Sobel* and B. Mishra

The Asymptotic Estimate of Ruin Probability Under a Class of Risk Model in the Presence of Heavy Trails ... 2331
J. Wei*, R. Wang and D. Yao

Least Squares Volatility Change Point Estimation for Partially Observed Diffusion Processes ... 2342
A. De Gregorio and S. Iacus*

Asymptotic Properties of the Maximum Quasi-Likelihood Estimator in Quasi-Likelihood Nonlinear Models ... 2358
T. Xia, F. Kong, S. Wang* and X. Wang

Bayesian Inference

On Empirical Bayes Testing in a Discrete Life Model with Random Censoring ... 2369
T. Liang*

Bayesian Estimation of the Regression Model with Autocorrelated Errors Under Contamination ... 2382
M. Ibazizen* and N. Ait Mohammed

Ordered Data Analysis and Applications

Dependence Structure of Spacings of Order Statistics ... 2390
J. Yao, M. Burkschat, H. Chen and T. Hu*

Two-Stage Cluster Sampling with Ranked Set Sampling in the Secondary Sampling Frame ... 2404
N. Nematollahi, M. Salehi* and R. Aliakbari Saba

Regression Analysis

Additive Regression Model for Continuous Time Processes ... 2416
M. Debbarh* and B. Maillot

Some Asymptotic Properties of Ridge Regression in a System of Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equations ... 2433
K. Firinguetti* and H. Rubio

Time Series Analysis

Dynamic Copula-Based Markov Time Series ... 2447
F. Abegaz* and U.V. Naik-Nimbalkar

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 16, 2008

*Corresponding author


Block-Savits Characterization and Star Ordering of Exponential Mixtures ... 2461
J. Bartoszewicz* and M. Skolimowska

Natural Exponential Families and Generalized Hypergeometric Measures ... 2472
I-L. Lu* and D. Richards


L1-Limit of Trimmed Sums of Order Statistics From Location-Scale Distributions with Applications to Type-II Censored Data Analysis ... 2488
T.T. John* and P. Chen

Some New Results on Likelihood Ratio Orderings for Spacings of Heterogeneous Exponential Random Variables ... 2506
T. Hu*, Q. Lu and S. Wen

On Moments of k-Records from Discrete Distributions ... 2516
A. Dembinska* and K. Danielak


IPPS Sampling Plans Excluding Adjacent Units ... 2532
R. Parsad*, B. Mandal and V. Gupta


Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test For a Change-Point in Linear Regression Model ... 2551
Y. Liu, C. Zou and R. Zhang*

Estimation of Slope for Linear Regression Model with Uncertain Prior Information and Student-t Error ... 2564
S. Khan* and A.K.Md.E. Saleh


Estimating Moments in Linear Mixed Models ... 2582
L.X. Zhu*, P. Wu and Y. Fang


An Inverse-Probability-Weighted Approach to the Estimation of Successive Duration Times Under Left-Truncation and Right-Censoring ... 2595
P-s. Shen* and Y-f. Yan


Some Properties for a Simplified Cox Binary Model ... 2606
D. Bruce*


The Third Order Bias of Nonlinear Estimators ... 2617
G. Kundhi* and P. Rilstone


Upper Bounds for Ruin Probabilities of the Entrance-Based Risk Model ... 2634
F. Chen*, J. Zhu and Z. Li


EWMA Charts for Multivariate Output: Some Stochastic Ordering Results ... 2652
M. Morais, Y. Okhrin*, A. Pacheco and W. Schmid


Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 17, 2008

*Corresponding author


Measuing Kurtosis by Right and Left Inequality Orders ... 2665
A.M. Fiori*


Fitting A Curve to a Confidence Interval ... 2681
R.J. Blodgett*

U-Statistic Based Modified Information Criterion for Change Point Problems ... 2687
J. Pan* and J. Chen

Partitioning with Respect to a Control: Unequal Sample Sizes Case ... 2713
E. Bofinger, P.L. Graham* and K.L. Mengersen


Covariance Matrix Formalus for Exponential Family Nonlinear Models ... 2724
G.M. Cordeiro* and R.G. Santana


Asymptotic Results of Nonparametirc Conditional Quantile Estimator for Functional Time Series ... 2735
E. Ould-Said* and M. Ezzahrioui


Stratified Logrank Test of No Randomized Treatment Effect With Missing Stratum Information ... 2760
J-F. Dupuy*

Asymptotic Result for a Generalized Polya Urn with "Multi-Updating" and Applications to Clinical Trials ... 2777
F. Leisen* and I. Crimaldi


An EM Based Viterbi Approximation Algorithm For Mixed-State Latent Factor Models ... 2795
M. Saidane* and C. Lavergne

Communications in Statistics:
Theory and Methods

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 18, 2008

*Corresponding author

Ordered Data Analysis

Fast Computation by Block Permanents of Cumulative Distribution Functions of Order Statistics from Several Populations ... 2815
D. Glueck*, A. Karimpour-Fard, J. Mandel, L. Hunter and K. Muller


Permutation Matrix with Application to Optimal Invariant Quadratic Prediction in Finite Populations ... 2825
L. Xu-Qing*, R. Jian-Ying and G. Feng

Orthogonal Locally Ancillary Estimating Functions with Application to Stratified Clustered Data ... 2836
M. Wang* and J. Hanfelt

Estimation of P(Y < X) for the 3-Parameter Generalized Exponential Distribution ... 2854
M.Z. Raqab*, M.T. Madi and D. Kundu

A Bayesian Test for the Mean of the Power Exponential Distribution ... 2865
M.A* Gmez-Villegas, J. Portela and L. Sanz

Nonparametric Inference

Nonparameteric Testing of an Exclusion Restriction in Quantile Regression ... 2877
B. Li*

Relative Errors of Difference-Based Variance Estimators in Nonparametric Regression ... 2890
T. Tong*, A. Liu and Y. Wang

Multivariate Analysis

A Mixed Bivariate Distribution Connected with Geometric Maxima of Exponential Variables ... 2903
T.J. Kozubowski* and A.K. Panorska

Absolutely Continuous Copulas with Given Diagonal Sections ... 2924
F. Durante* and P. Jaworski

Mixture Representation of the Maximum Entropy Density Through Archimedean Copulas ... 2943
J. Rodrigues*

Reliability and Survival Analysis

A Mixture Model of Proportional Reversed Hazard Rate ... 2953
X. Li* and Z. Li

Presmoothed Estimation with Left Truncated and Right Censored Data ... 2964
M.A. Jacome* and M.d.C. Iglesias-Prez

Limit Theory

Large Deviations for Sums of Independent Non-Identically Distributed Random Variables ... 2984
J. Robinson* and V. Petrov


A Statistical Procedure for Detecting Highly Correlated Genes with a Pre-Specified Candidate Gene in Microarray Analysis ... 2991
A. A. Ding, J. Ling, T. Niu*