Employment Opportunities in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics

We currently have the following positions available:

Faculty Positions

Sessional Faculty Positions
The following Spring/summer positions are available, applications accepted online via MOSAIC only. For postings please see  http://www.workingatmcmaster.ca/careers/index.php
Math 1K03 Spring 
Math 1M03 Summer
Math 2C03 Summer
Math 2X03 Spring
Math 2XX3 Summer
Math 2FM3 Summer
Math 2Z03 Spring
Math 2ZZ3 Summer
Stats 2B03 Spring
Stats 2D03 Spring
Stats 2MB3 Summer
Stats 3J04/3Y03 Spring

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Britton Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Mathematics

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Statistics