General News

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics & Statistics new website. In it you will find information on all of the many activities that the Department supports. If there is something that you would like to know about the Department but which you can't locate on our site, please send a message to us at:

We are one of the larger departments on campus, with 35 full-time faculty, 18 postdoctoral fellows, over 100 graduate students and 6 staff members. The Department has strong research groups in several areas of mathematics and statistics and we offer a number of different programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For example, we recently introduced an undergraduate programme in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, and we offer a professional masters program in Financial Mathematics through M-Phimac.

Research seminars in Algebra & Number Theory, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Finantial Mathematics, Geometry & Topology, Mathematical Logic and Probability & Statistics and the weekly Colloquium attract some of the world's most prominent mathematicians.  Each year the department invites a prestigious guest lecturer to deliver a series of talks, the Britton Lectures (endowed by a gift of Ronald and Helen Britton.)  The annual Evelyn Nelson Memorial Lecture commemorates our late colleague and features talks in the foundations of mathematics. For more information about the department click here.