About the Department

The Mathematics & Statistics department at McMaster University is a large-sized department of 35 regular faculty, 18 post-doctoral fellows and over 100 graduate students.

Research seminars in Algebra, Analysis, Applied Math, Finance, Geometry and Topology, and Statistics and the weekly Colloquium attract some of the world's most prominent mathematicians.  Each year the department invites a prestigious guest lecturer to deliver a series of talks, the Britton Lectures (endowed by a gift of Ronald and Helen Britton.)  The annual Evelyn Nelson Memorial Lecture commemorates our late collegue, and features talks in the foundations of mathematics.


The department is well-known throughout the world mathematical community for the high quality of research in many areas of mathematics and statistics.  The total of all research grants in the department in 2001 was $ 715,953 (including NSERC, CFI, OIT, and MITACS funds), and our average NSERC grant per researcher is among the highest of mathematics departments.  A 2000 survey by OST ranks McMaster third among Canadian mathematics departments based on the impact of published research in our department.

The James Stewart Centre for Mathematics
Since opening in August 2003, historic Hamilton Hall is now home to all Mathematical activities at McMaster.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is located in the James Stewart Centre for Mathematics, located in McMaster's historic Hamilton Hall and had its official opening ceremonies on October 31, 2003. The Centre is named after the well-known textbook writer and McMaster Emeritus Professor, and has brought a modern interior to historic Hamilton Hall, providing agreeable space for the faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in the Mathematics and Statistics Department, the Financial Mathematics (PhiMac) lab, the Applied and Industrial Mathematics (AIMS) lab, and the Applied Statistics lab.  A “Math Café” on the main floor provides a natural setting for informal meetings.  Hamilton Hall is located in the centre of campus and affords panoramic views of the forested area which borders the scenic McMaster campus. The mathematics and statistics books and journals are located in the H.G. Thode Library of Science and Engineering, a comfortable modern facility.

Computing facilities include a central departmental server (Sun Sparc 10), and networked workstations and PCs running Unix, Linux, Windows, or MacOS.  For large scale computations which require massive
The McMaster campus offers a pleasant and quiet environment with neo-gothic buildings and tree-shaded quadrangles. The adjacent Royal Botanical Gardens provides scenic walking trails through forests and gorges.
parallel processing, McMaster is one of the participants in SHARC-net, with 96 processors running in parallel on the McMaster campus.The Department maintains many pieces of mathematical software which include Maple, Matlab, SAS, S, and GLIM. TeX, AMSTeX, and LaTeX are available for mathematical text processing.